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Elbow Gore Seam Formers and Closers


Minimum diameter:200mm / 7.9"
Maximum diameter:
      Hydraulic:1250mm / 49.2"
      Pneumatic:1000mm / 39.4"
Seam type:Standing seam
Gore range:30 degrees maximum
Minimum thickness:0.4mm / 0.016"
Galvanized mild steel:
      Hydraulic:1.2mm / 18ga.
      Pneumatic:1.0mm / 20ga.
Maximum roll speed:40m / 133ft per second
Motor size:3.7Kw
Electrics:Choose 50hz or 60hz

Elbow Gore Seam Formers and Closers

Our elbow gore seam formers are available as single head machine designs as both EM-1000 Pneumatic and EM-1250 hydraulic models.

The EM-1250-D dual head version of our Hydraulic machine is designed to keep setup times to the absolute minimum.

These machines form and close the gore seams on elbows and other round fittings.