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See left for video on Full Duct Line Type I

Full Duct Line I Type

Full Duct Line Type I

The Full Duct line I type uncoils, beads, notches, forms the drive cleat or TDCF connection, cuts to length, forms the duct to size and closes the Pittsburgh seam. 

One pieces wrap ducts up to 16 ft perimeter with machine closed seam  - produced in less than 2 minutes.


  • ​5 ton capacity motorized uncoiler with bottom payoff

  • ​Models for 5 foot/ 1525 mm, 6 foot / 1825 mm and 2 Meter coil widths

  • ​Maximum thickness capacity 18 ga. / 1.2 mm

  • Maximum duct blank length 16 ft / 192"

  • ​Minimum wrap duct size 6 inch x 6 inch on 60 inch / 1525 mm model

  • ​SMACNA beading or European style Z beading available

  • Drive cleat roll former

  • Tie rod hole punching 
  • Insulation unit with GRIPNAIL pin spotter
  • TDC/F SMACNA T25 flange 
  • Inline Pittsburgh seam closing