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full duct lines

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Coil Fed Laser

Coil fed continuous cutting fiber laser line

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spiral duct machinery
spiral duct flanger
spiral elbow line

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​​Machinery for the manufacture of rectangular, spiral duct and fittings.   

These duct lines are available in straight line I type or conventional U or Z type floor plans. Inline Duct seam closing is available.
This patented machine forms a flange on the ends of spiral duct from 8" through 48" diameter, up to 18 gauge. It takes the time out of Vanstone duct connections. 

Jinwoong Technology Ltd's patented spiral elbow line produces spiral elbows from  coil with virtually 100%  material utilization. The machine produces airtight elbows as fast as 18 seconds per piece. 

We offer:

-Spiral duct lines

-Spiral duct flangers

-Seam welders

-Elbow gore seaming machines

-All machines for spiral production