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Flexible Spiral Round Duct Line


Maximum Diameter:

300 mm / 12"

Minimum Diameter:

100 mm / 4"

Galvanized material slit width:

5 mm / 0.2"

Galvanized mild steel:

.5 mm / 0.020"

Monofiliment diameter:

0.4 mm / 0.016"

Fabric width:

55 mm / 2.16"

Fabric thickness:

0.3 mm / .012"

Uncoiler type:


Maximum uncoil speed:

70 Meters per minute

233 Feet per minute

Motor size:

2.2 Kva (220V/60 Hz/3ph) 


Choose 50 Hz or 60 Hz

Cutoff type:


The Spiral Flex Line produces flexible round fabric and wire flex duct from material in coil. This spiral flex duct can be produced from a variety of cloth and foils.

No adhesive is used in this manufacturing process. This spiral machine places the wire banding on the outside of the spiral flex duct. Steel wire is on the outside of the flex duct where it can protect the product. It is not inside the air stream where it can add restriction to air flow.

Spiral Flexible Round Duct Line